Amy Shackleton - Painting Timelapse #2

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I paint representational works with a drip technique normally reserved for abstraction. I don't use paintbrushes, I apply the paint with squeeze bottles and rotate my canvas to guide each drip as it falls down the stretched surface. Thorough planning, measuring and layering is involved, but I'm at the mercy of gravity. The natural force of gravity allows for a refreshing unpredictability that helps illustrate the organic elements in my work. To combat the natural, I use a rotating easel and a level—creating straight lines, controlled curves, and eventually, concrete buildings. "Waterworks" is currently on display until April 29 at The Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto, as part of my solo show "Terraces: A Series of Steps to a Sustainable Future." With this show, I demonstrate the significance of urban agriculture for sustainable development. Using terraced land in Italy and Peru as a source for inspiration, I transform modern architecture into examples of sustainable design. — @ShackletonArt https Music "Pamplemousse" by Siktransit

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