Pearl Academy of Fashion

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The Pearl Academy of Fashion, Jaipur is a campus which by virtue of its design is geared towards creating an environmentally responsive passive habitat. This campus is designed by Indian architecture firm Morphogenesis. The institute creates interactive spaces for a highly creative student body to work in multifunctional zones which blend the indoors with the outdoors seamlessly. The radical architecture of the institute emerges from a fusion of the rich traditional building knowledge bank and cutting edge contemporary architecture. Besides having become a very successful model for cost effective passive architecture in desert regions the design and facilities of the campus complement the ideology of the Pearl Academy of Fashion -- a cutting edge design institute with a sustainable approach. The Pearl Academy of Fashion is an example of an inclusive architecture which intends to accommodate all the heritage values while positioning it within the contemporary cultural and architectural paradigm. The project was selected for the 2009 World Festival Awards, where the jury were impressed by the way the architect had reinterpreted known building types and crafts, especially in relation to passive environmental measures. Local vernacular elements -- such as jali screens - merged with a contemporary design aesthetic that gave this building the necessary monumental scale for this industry based educational institution. Indian architecture firm Morphogenesis is a collective ...

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