A blue battery for green energy www.gottliebpaludan.com http How can we make the necessary transition towards a renewables-based energy system, yet still maintain an effi cient, stable and secure power supply? Wind and solar power, which we plan to use to obtain clean, renewable energy in the future, are forces of nature that cannot be regulated to match our demand. Devising methods for storing power to make our future energy systems work effectively is an urgent task. If we are to rise to this test, we will have to pool multiple technologies -- and many such projects are well on their way. Even so, we still lack a method for storing truly massive quantities of electricity. Green Power Island is a visionary concept that offers a large-scale, low-tech response to the growing problem of green energy imbalance and overflow. Imagine being able to store surplus energy by combining conventional hydrotechnology with our most abundant and easily accessible natural resource, seawater.

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