Glenn Murcutt interview

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Glenn Murcutt talks about the 3rd International Architecture Competition for Sustainable Housing, a competition of Living Steel (, addressing the issue of sustainability and participating in the competition jury. Glenn Murcutt is returning to the 3rd International Architecture Competition after having served on both 1st and 2nd competitions' juries. Located in Sydney, Murcutt was the first Australian recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, awarded to him in 2002. Murcutt's work has been lauded as architecture of place with designs that respond to the surrounding landscape and climate. He uses a variety of materials in his designs and only selects them after careful consideration of the amount of energy used to produce each of the materials. Murcutt is known for his Thoreau-like simplistic approach to architecture and his commitment to the Aboriginal proverb to "touch the earth lightly" with his projects.

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