Architect Thomas Doerr shows just what you need to know about passive solar house design to save over 80% of your home's heating and cooling bills. You will learn what you need to do to take advantage of the clean, free heating and cooling from the sun, and to lessen your dependence on volatile dirty energy sources. You will know the green building design strategies that save money, your health and hopefully the planet. Video Part 1 of 6: an overview of passive solar design Introduction to sustainable design including an off-the-grid house in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Topics of this video series include the three different passive solar systems, proper building orientation, area and types of glass, solar shading, thermal mass, ventilation, room arrangement, daylighting, and other important sustainable building strategies. You will know the green home design strategies that save money, your health and hopefully the planet. You may view this video series in its entirety at a higher resolution at A DVD with higher-resolution video of all the videos of this Passive Solar Simplified series plus some bonus material may be purchased at You can learn about the book "Passive Solar Simplified: Easily design a truly green home for Colorado and the West" and order the paperback and eBook from Amazon and Learn more about Doerr Architecture at http **

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