The same Chinese conglomerate, Broad Group, which built a 30-floor hotel building in a record-breaking 15 days, put up a 6-floor building in 1 day(24). This building has been used by Shanghai World Expo 2010. These buildings are designed and built to be sound-proof, energy efficient, and earthquake resistant. The next huge project has been reported to be a 200-floor skyscraper, and the target turnaround time is 120 days(4 months). So guess which Chinese city will soon be home for this tall building? Among the top contenders are Bejing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. Regardless which city wins the bid, this building will be China's next tallest building, or the world's tallest(Dubai's Burj Khalifa building has only 163 floors- the world's tallest building title holder as of 2011)

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