Visions of the Future by David Suzuki part 1

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Visions of the Future by David Suzuki part 1 from 4th episode Since 1960, The Nature of Things has informed the Canadian public on the issues, achievements, wonders and dangers of our changing world. And from the outset, our series has explored the growing threats to the health and well being of our bodies, society and the planet, and has set out not just to report on what's wrong, but to find solutions. That's why we begin Volume 1 of The Nature Things DVD with Visions of the Future. The documentaries included in this first volume focus on what is being done - and what we CAN do - to change they way we live and the way we think about the future of our world. In these episodes you will learn about electric cars, using the sun's rays for energy, windmills, waterfalls, natural and renewable energy ... these are all solutions aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and society's impact on the environment, helping to create a sustainable future.

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