Hemp and Lime construction illustrates many of the benefits of natural building materials. The hemp absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows. The lime absorbs yet more carbon dioxide as it sets - locking away the carbon for the lifetime of the building. It also provides excellent insulation and helps regulate the humidity of the building it's self. We've used a hemp lime wall construction for the external walls of the new Wales Institute for Sustainable Education at CAT. Hemp based walls, made from a natural sustainable source lock away carbon dioxide, their thermal performance keeps buildings warm in winter and cool in summer - reducing heating and cooling requirements. They also improve moisture control in buildings, enhance indoor air quality and are relative easy to construct. The thermal performance of the walls is being researched as part of the construction and monitoring of the WISE building. Several sections of the external walls are being extensively monitored for temperature and humidity to assess how they are performing and how they handle moisture. The answers we find will allow a better understanding of these walls work and help builders and architects in the future. If you want to find out more about hemp and lime construction, or about the WISE building, have a look at the CAT website. www.cat.org.uk

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