Baku White City

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Baku,the capital of Azerbaijan, being the oldest centre of the world oil industry, has within a short period of time become a large modern city, and has established its own inimitable appearance. With its ambition of attracting big business and foreign investment, this dynamically developing capital city is fast becoming a very desirable city for working and living; for leisure and entertainment. The Black City appeared at the end of 19th century in the eastern part of Baku; a piece of urban heritage from the first oil boom and the result of urban development from a distant past. It has played a major role in the oil industry for more than 100 years, performing activities of refining, storage and transportation of "black gold". At the current time, a unique opportunity for the restoration of the Black City area has arisen on an industrial site, which is located directly at the centre of Baku Bay and the to the east of the city centre. A site with an area of 221ha and surrounded by a dynamically developing city infrastructure has a chance to be reborn for a new purpose, and has become one of the most attractive opportunities for investments. In respect of the Decree from September 28th, 2006 by His Excellency ILHAM ALIYEV, The President of the Azerbaijan Republic, entitled "Comprehensive action plan for improving the ecological conditions in the Azerbaijan Republic during 2006 -- 2010" steps were undertaken for the removal of industrial uses to the edge of the city ...

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