Complete video at: Earth Pledge president Leslie Hoffman argues that modern life discourages thinking about the origins or effects of everyday consumption. "A New York kid could think that food comes from a waiter," she says, "and nobody thinks about where it goes when we flush the toilet." Hoffman believes that promoting an understanding of these processes can create enthusiasm for sustainable values and policies. ----- Is fashion getting less flash and more substance? As sustainable production becomes a global concern, emerging vogues might tend more to simplicity. In an effort to reinvigorate a tactile consumer experience, innovative designers are developing slow clothing built to last and ethically manufactured with a thoughtful approach to the creative process. A panel of experts explores the complexities and sustainability of fast life and fast fashion in the 21st century - The New School Leslie Hoffman, president and executive director of Earth Pledge, holds a degree in architecture and design, and worked as a carpenter and green builder for ten years. She has led the Earth Pledge team since 1994. Hoffman is an avid gardener who has maintained a small organic coffee farm in Hawaii since 1990.

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