Jenica Egan, Editor in Chief of Green Building Journal at talks with Lisa Gelfand author of the book Sustainable School Architecture about green schools. Lisa continues the discussion at Green Building Expo Aug 25 at 9 AM Pacific. Register online at http In this video, Lisa and Jenica talked about some of the key factors that captured her interest in green schools and what characteristics make green schools different from other green building types? Lisa mentions that with green schools unlike other building types is that you look at the land use not just the building itself. In green school design you look at the overall campus and how the buildings and land interact inside and out. Next Lisa and Jenica turn to the green features and measures that make the most difference in education? What's different in a class room that students respond to. Kids are also more sensitive to toxic substances so they look closely at the materials used in the project. Good airflow, lighting and acoustics are all key factors to allow students to learn easily. One of the biggest elements to explore is daylighting since electrical lighting makes up 40-60% of the electrical load of a school building. When discussing which rating systems specific to schools exist to help focus green design efforts, Lisa points out that the USGBC LEED for Schools helps you organize the design process. LEED for Schools provides the checklists to help designers make the right choices. Lisa ...

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