Urs Peter (Upe) Flueckiger - Architecture As a relatively young College of Architecture faculty member, Urs Peter Flueckiger already has a number of "claims to fame." He is the recipient of college teaching and research awards (eg, Barney E. Rushing, Jr. Distinguished Research Award), and in 2009, he received the TTU Presidential Teaching Award and the President's Book Award. His Swiss heritage supports his reputation as a rigorous and demanding teacher, but he is also one whose student evaluations are typically in the top 10 percent among his architecture faculty colleagues. On the research front, Professor Flueckiger is noted for scholarly work that informs uniquely his teaching and interests in architectural design. For example, consider his latest book, Donald Judd: Architecture in Marfa, Texas, which one reviewer noted as, "the first systematic survey of the architectural contribution in Marfa of the internationally famous Minimalist artist, Donald Judd. What makes this volume a significant contribution is the insight into Judd's full engagement of his environment . . . an overarching philosophy of spatial relationships." The same reviewer also commented that the book is, "very readable and accessible to both specialists in the field and interested non-academic readers." Thus, his work has a very special outreach component to it. Due to his community-based interests in sustainable housing, along with all of his other efforts—integrated superbly—we salute Urs Peter ...

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