Click here to watch the construction time lapse. visit for more photos for company information Movie by Differentenergy: 2010 Shanghai World Expo Broad Corporate Pavilion A Chinese sustainable building group has completed its Corporate Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The pavilion focuses on low carbon building and low carbon life attitude. Located at the western bank (Puxi) district E of the World Expo Site, the building is composed of two large elements: a skewed pyramid tensile fabric structure and a L-shaped building assembled with entirely factory made components, boasting an onsite construction time of only 24 hours. The entire pavilion is roughly 3500sqm. Curators of the pavilion identified the issues of building safety and building energy consumption and demonstrated simple solutions to increase energy efficiency and building's ability to defense against natural disasters. From the architects and curators (Oslo and Shanghai): The differentiating factor of this building amongst others is its practicality. It is the only linear building amongst its non-linear blobitecture neighbors; it is the lowest cost per sqm pavilion at the expo; yet the client had a very concrete ideas, he wish to send to the visitors. Wearing a minimalistic exterior skin, the building program includes an earthquake simulation house, able to reenact the 2008 Wenchuan 7.8 Earthquake; Prefabricated building components, demonstrating ...

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