Carol Coletta, Cameron Sinclair and Tara Lemmey take on questions about cities and humanitarianism in architecture. One is, what's the role of the educational institution in world where professional scarcity is no longer controllable? That is, where content is freely and abundantly available, more good is done outside the curriculum, and the sheer volume of need exceeds capacity? DGREE.ORG: Envisioning the Future of Higher Education There is a great need to rethink how education is delivered throughout one's lifetime. We believe in creating a student-centric initiative for a new ecosystem around higher education that blends the best of Silicon Valley, entrepreneurial thinking and higher education. But changing higher education in America must first begin with changing the conversation we are having about it. Now is the time to initiate dialogue, ideation and action around rethinking the policies, infrastructure and innovations needed to reinvent it and LENS is committed to promoting this dialogue. Developed in partnership with the Lumina™ Foundation, LENS conceived of DGREE—a new initiative for higher education that brings together the shared thinking of business leaders, venture capitalists, education foundations, and university leaders and accreditors to focus on student-centric learning in a sustainable educational ecosystem. D stands for Dynamic. Gree is the Scottish word for master. Dynamic Mastery = DGREE. Our goal is to explore the critical ...

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