www.otj.com - Interview with Dean Newins, AIA LEED of OTJ Architects. Dean discusses project challenges, adapting from interior design to exterior architectural design , expansion into base building, future direction for architectural design with retail, institutional, commercial, industrial, and more. Dean recently joined OTJ as a partner to lead studio 5 in core shell architecture. His expertise excels in Design-Build projects as well as SCIF ventures. St. John embodies OTJ vast capabilities and skill in our new expansion into architecture. ------------- Speaker Well, this has really been an exciting opportunity for us. It's a natural extension of what architecture's all about. As an interior architect, buildings are typically designed from the inside out as it relates to a program. So the idea that we can really provide full service to the market is a great opportunity and being able to both design the outside as a result of what happens -- as famous architects said, "Form follows function." So that's an opportunity that we have to really embrace that and take that to the next level for us and our clients. I'd like to think of it as a holistic approach to architecture because we've got such great experience in the interior so what's happening on the inside of buildings, we've also got that experience on the outside so if we can really think about it both inside out and outside in, we're going to have a better product and a better facility for our clients, at the end ...

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