I've been going on and on about how unhealthy GMO foods are and why you should choose to eat organic but I haven't covered the political issues that have arisen since GMO crops showed up on the market.

The existence of GMO crops not only threatens our health, but it threatens our liberty and our freedom, too!

In November, please vote in support of Proposition 37 in California! If California passes it, other states may do the same, paving the way for foods to be labelled in other democratic countries like Canada!

If you don't believe lowly old me, please watch this STUNNING video where Dr. Vandana Shiva, a scientist and environmental activist from Delhi, India and San Francisco, California reveals that what drove her to becoming an activist was attending the first meeting of the biotechnology industry where they outlined their plan to enslave the world through the use of GMO technology: http://youtu.be/lsi4F8M8Hm8.

Here is a video excerpt of a compelling documentary about the suicides in India as a DIRECT result of Monsanto's attempts to meddle with traditional farmers there: http://youtu.be/Av6dx9yNiCA.

Just Label It! We Have the Right To Know What We Eat: http://youtu.be/vD2idQ2aJgQ.

• GMOs are in 80 per cent of packaged foods in the U.S.

• GMOs HAVE been proven to be UNSAFE by a group of French scientists who SECRETLY carried out an independent study based on the American diet: http://youtu.be/eeW5yUSqdhY

• Over 40 countries have demanded GMOs to be labelled

• 92 per cent of Americans WANT GMOs labelled: http://bit.ly/SkRbxv

If you're wondering about the health issues in regards to GMO foods, here is a video I made a few days ago: http://youtu.be/AGdn8T9fDJc.

Let's not forget, GMO foods are heavily sprayed with chemicals, pesticides and insecticides -OR- they've been genetically modified to create these chemicals on their own. Then, we eat it! So, the pesticide issues goes hand-in-hand with GMO foods.

I also talk about how you CAN eat healthy on a low budget: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpkuRR6dxOo.

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