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Paul Nicolson on La Via Campesina.

What do we mean by food sovereignty?: Basically, putting control of food back in the hands and bellies of people.

Dig In! is a youth-led project. We are using Food Sovereignty as a tool to help us understand the world around us, how food is produced, and how we can make positive change together. Were working to make a difference about food and farming, both in Canada and around the world.

How? Together, well build a participatory workshop on food sovereignty with and for people in communities across the country, from young farmers to urban youth to members of the general public. Well ask: what does food sovereignty mean to different communities? How can we use it to build stronger connections between people and food, and create more just food and agriculture policies?

Whats going on with food and farming in your community? Do you want to participate in or facilitate a workshop on food sovereignty?

Please contact us to get involved at info@cban.ca and check out www.cban.ca/digin

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