According with our open policy, the HYDROBETATRON exsperimental set will be shown in detail. Are shown, in order: the Wattmeter, the Amperometric clamp, the serial filters to cut the higher frequencies, the insulation transformer, the Variac, the current rectifier, the Oscilloscope, the electrolytic cell. When the safe button is switched on, a tension is handly regulated by the Variac to feed the cell in an electrolytic way. The corresponding current behaviour and characteristics are shown on the Oscilloscope monitor. By raising the tension, some sparks appear, and the corresponding current graph shows some spikes. After the threshold tension a continuous plasma lights on, and the current signal is highly perturbed by spikes, but their relative power importance is small, so as the frequency spectrum shows. A steady-state is reached, and the correct measured
power by the Wattmeter is nearly close to the product VxI from Voltmeter and Amperometer, accounting for about ten watts at open circuit.


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