Aim of the present video is to show a simple device that can be easily assembled and operated.


Carry out only by at least two experts simultaneously present, with suitable protection, according to the safety laboratory recommendations, under hood closed window and high dilution of smoke and vapors by aspiration.

Take care for a suitable waste disposal of liquid and solid residues.

It is absolutely forbidden, and we don't take responsibility, to operate in the presence of incidental sparks or free flames owing to the possibility of explosion both of hydrogen and ashes, in the case of drying of the funnel, so leaving the powder without protection by the form of mud.

If you disobey these rules and those of care to be taken in such a situations, you get responsibility for any failure and exclude our liability.

So as we worry ourselves of our liability, equally we worry ourselves of your healt: insert in the electric circuit a red button switch that detachs both polarities, and check the life-saving system.

It is recommended to surround the cell by a lead sheet , to put a thick plexiglass panel between the cell and the webcam (the wire must be shielded by an aluminum film), to build a wall of water by parallelepiped-shaped containers, thus completely surrounding the cell, insert a Geiger counter clearly visible in webcam and operate from remote station with 6 sqmm-section cables.

Whoever builds and operates the described equipment is completely responsible, even regarding damages to third parties, explicitly exempting the authors of the text from any liability.

The simple implementation of experimentation, both as described herein or in free way includes unconditioned acceptance of anything here warned.

You must not operate the equipment if you have not got an university degree or equivalent technical experience.

Have good experimentation, and soon obtain higher yelds than ones we found !


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