More Info on LENR:

This is a three minute video about Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRs). Sam Datta-Paulin of ITN Truthloader reports on Nov. 30, 2012.

It's a complicated subject and they got most of it correct. They correctly report there has been a significant uptick in the interest lately and LENRs do have the potential to change the world. And yes, it is the same field of study, but it has nothing to with fusion, as they correctly note. There's only two facts that Truthloader didn't present accurately.

Andrea Rossi has claimed many things. But when they say that Rossi's "claimed power plant unit sold to a major anonymous U.S. customer widely reported to be DARPA," Truthloader missed the truth. No credible source has reported this rumor and it is not true.

Second correction: NASA has never held any "demonstrations" of any LENR devices, let alone a device like Rossi's which, as he inadvertently revealed to me on camera, shows to be fake. The Sept. 2011, NASA Glenn meeting was a discussion only.

Steven B. Krivit
New Energy Times


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