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Nike gave us the opportunity to do “Whatever!” We came up with a concept that defines Laura and her Dirty Livin’ attitude in an interesting journey to find snow.

Brad Kremer went to Nike with an idea. The idea started as a way to showcase multiple athletes in different sports using tilt shift time lapse photography and compositing. After talking with Nike about what they were looking for we decided to narrow it down to one sport and one athlete. In comes Laura Hadar and snowboarding.

We had a general storyboard to follow. But as the piece was so complex visually we had to sort of just shoot and see what we got almost. And boy did we get a lot. It took weeks to organize the footage and to find a path. To connect one shot with another and then another until we finally had a rough sketch of a final story.

Once all the footage was shot and logged we only need one final group of shots to complete the piece. The snowboarding. Unfortunately Laura was injured at the end of the season and we had to postpone the final shoot.

This actually may have been a blessing in disguise. It gave us the opportunity to really dig in and refine the look and feel of the piece.

What we ended up with is something that we are very proud of. Something fresh and new. Something exciting.

Agency: Tytan ( )
Client: Nike Snowboarding
Production Company: Tytan
Director: Brad Kremer
Creative Director: Brad Kremer
Executive Creative Director: Scott Jacobs
Executive Producer: Jim Stone
Supervising Producer: Matt Mahany
Director of Photography: Brad Kremer
1st Camera: Brad Kremer
2nd Camera: Roxy
3rd Camera: Jim Stone
3D Artist: Dean Fowler
Motion Graphics / Sound: Aaron Gravit
Motion Graphics / Roto: Mark Nguyen
Graphic Artist/Motion Graphics/Roto: Alex Farkas-Worthy
Editor: Brad Kremer
Music: Shaun Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra- East West

Shot on Canon 5DMKIIs and 1DMKII

Shot in Portland Oregon, Salt Lake City, Tokyo Japan and Tybee Island, GA.


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