Bad Dirt, Bad Water, Bad Farms

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Bad Dirt, Bad Water, Bad Farms is the story about the toxic land on the west side of the Central Valley. In the mid-1980’s America was shocked to learn about deformed and dying birds at the Kesterson Wildlife Refuge in California. It took nearly five years (and a story on CBS’s 60-Minutes) before the Federal government closed Kesterson and attempted to clean it up. But what is not widely known is that the very same toxic substance that was at the heart of the Kesterson disaster, is present in huge quantities today on the west side of the Central Valley.

Big industrial agriculture growers don’t want to talk about it, but their continuing production on toxic soil requires excessive use of subsidized fresh water. In fact, so much of the land is recognized as being unsustainable that if were taken out of production, enough water could be saved and redirected to address the problems of the Sacramento Delta. You won’t hear Big Ag talk about it though, so we will.

This is a story that brings us yet another damn good reason to vote NO on the water bond in November. Putting an $11.1 Billion dollar charge on California’s already bankrupt credit card is madness! There are already plenty of laws on the books about water. Instead of creating more laws and putting us further into debt, the laws already in place should be enforced – something that doesn’t happen because the water pirates don’t want it to happen.

Share this eye-opening video with your friends, family and co-workers and learn how a simple solution to a complex problem can make what is wrong, right again.

Vote NO on the water bond.


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