Off Balance

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There is no resource that is more essential to biodiversity, social and economic development and life itself.. than water. The cycle of water is a dance, the hydrologic cycle...water comes to us as rain, snow, or hail. Then water moves in a dance through our landscapes in rivers, lakes, wetlands and groundwater. But now with climate change the perfect balance in nature: cyclical and harmonious is also changing. We need to seek a balance into the wise management and use of water resources locally and globally. This wise management needs to address the question of what part do women play in water management. And what are the feminine qualities that are needed for change in what has been a predominately masculine perspective. The masculine perspective has been changing just as the feminine has. The question for us is what are those qualities that need to be called forward to our vision and what do they balance against, long term intuitive nurturing vs. short term cerebral wasteland?


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