ESO-Daimaniyat Clean Up

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Team IBM joined Environment Society of Oman for a net clean up in Daimaniyat Islands in Oman. This effort was done in association with Al Sawadi Extra Divers and Mud Divers out of Dubai. Despite the rough weather , the team of 8 went out to map out the sites and remove nets ahead of the ESO main event (which took place the following week). Approx 50 KGs of nets were removed during this effort without damage on the coral around it. We also managed to release a turtle from the grips of a nasty fishing line !

This short video is a snapshort of this amazing journey . Goto say it feels great to do good !

The following week , ESO in coordination with many other dive centers, MoE , Min of Fisheries & Agriculture, and Min Of Env managed to finish off the job with an estimate of over 200 Kgs of nets.

on behalf of Team IBM - we are proud to have taken part.

Filmed with Sony cx550 Bluefin pro housing & sola lights
Music by Skatebrd


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