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Glori Dei Filippone, is 13-year old and from Des Moines, Iowa.
If we think about it, we can all remember a moment when we realized something was fundamentally wrong with our environment. For Glori Dei Filippone, her eyes were opened early to the environmental costs of meat production. Not only does Glori recognize the harm it causes to the animals, she also understands the harm it causes to the atmosphere. The magnitude of the atmospheric problem is summed up by a 2006 finding by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations that estimates the carbon emissions associated with the livestock industry to be 18% of global emissions.
Her knowledge leads to wisdom. Glori has been working at the Des Moines Farmer's Market since she was eight years old. One day, a blind lady walked up to the stand and picked up an apple. She asked Glori, "Is this an apple?" Glori answered that it was. She then asked if it were red and Glori responded, "Yes." The blind lady then shared, "It feels very beautiful, I'll take a bushel." It really hit home with Glori how this woman didn't need to see something to believe it was there. Glori equates this with climate change understanding that we can't just deny all the evidence that climate change is there just because we can't see it all the time.
Her wisdom leads to action. Glori has also learned to never give up. A lesson that is very valuable in her fight to stop human-induced climate change. In honor of Mother's Day last year, she filed a petition at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources asking the agency to adopt and implement a Climate Recovery Plan. This plan, based on the best available science, would establish peak global carbon dioxide emissions by 2012, reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by at least 6 percent every year, and commit to widespread reforestation. The petition was denied so she brought her case to court. The district court judge dismissed the case so she is now heading to the Iowa Supreme Court on appeal.She loves performing, loves playing music with her friends and loves her sisters and family very much. She is asking our leaders to understand that we all share the same sky and that just because we can’t see climate change all the time that we don’t deny all the evidence that is there. To find out how you can support Glori and the youth across the country that are making a difference for all our lives, watch her film then go to Our Children's Trust and the iMatter Campaign.


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