Pro Cycling Team NetApp is a Team on a Mission. Manager Ralph Denk has set an ambitious goal of reaching Pro/World Tour status within 3 years. However, the racing circuit, its organization and the unforgiving road are going to put up a good fight. His 17 riders may be passionate and dedicated, but the majority of them are young and inexperienced. How will they cope with the relentless pressure? Will it make them stronger or put their endeavour in jeopardy?

This 3-part Series documents the Team's first appearance at the Queen of the Classics Paris-Roubaix.

Filmed and Edited by Markus Neuert for Cyclefilm.
Music by Asche & Spencer
Original Score by Adam Brown

About Cyclefilm:
Cyclefilm is a dedicated cycling production company for cycling related DVDs, how-to cycling guides, cycling documentaries, L'Etape du Tour, Gran Fondo recon films, promotional videos and bicycle industry news coverage.



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