Cycle tour To the Outer Hebrides 2008

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20 months ago my step father Steve had a mountaineering accident, which left him paralysed and in need of major rehabilitation. Six months ago he learnt with my help to ride a bike, let alone walk or talk.

Helping him transfer his passion for barren harsh environments and technical climbing / mountaineering to cycling, through said harshness, has been both a privilege and an amazing story of fortitude and courage..... it does help him being belligerent as hell, but quite simply put all who meet him and hear the story and then see us cycle off are amazed..

This is the first part of, what little I managed to film of our trip, as we went around we got the photographic gear out and did our best to record the landscape as well. hopefully the subsequent films will give you a taste of the islands, our trip and our work.

Everything has been shot with my N95 phone both on and off the bike...8gb is enough for a trip apparently..


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