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Interactive audio-visual performance
Sound generation from the chemical process of crystallization

Sodium acetate CH3COONa * 3H2O - sodium salt of acetic acid.

When hydrated sodium acetate is heated gently, it melts.
But it melts a little bit unusually: the hydrated salt dissolves in its own water of hydration.
Upon cooling, the solution freezes turning into a white mass. Similarly to the ice,
crystallization occurs which is accompanied by significant heat release.
The presentation is completely live. A piece of sodium acetate crystal is added to
a chilled solution of the same substance, and the process of crystallization will run in
the vessel. The process is transmitted through a web-camera to a computer.
The crystallization generates sound by a given algorithm.

We are interested in the nature of both visual and audible self-organization,
and in the way these two areas interact with each other in a liquid system.

/ julia borovaya - art / www.borovaya.org
/ evgeniy vaschenko - sound / www.v4w.enko.ffspace.info
/ edward rakhmanov - chemical consultant /



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