Panasonic - Pancom : Espionage

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Created and written by Steve Gilbert, Panasonic’s “Pancom : Espionage” is a short promotional film showcasing the features of Panasonic's "Communication Assistant" software. The brief: to create an emotive film to capture the attention of their sales teams and suppliers, generating excitement about the products to be shown in the film.

Pre-production ran for several months’, with principal photography taking place over three long February days and nights on location at Nottingham Science Park, Chemistry office and the local area. Even with a massive shot list the crew was kept to a ‘mobile’ minimum: Director, Cosmo Wallace, Director of Photography, Paul O’Callagham, Soundman Grant Bridgeman, Producer Claire Davies, Executive Producer Steve Gilbert and runner Andy McKay.

Everything was shot entirely on the Canon 5D Mk2 giving the final film it’s sharp and filmic look, as well as the fantastic depth of field. The camera size also allowed the crew to move quickly from location to location, granted easy access to tight spaces with a minimal setup time.

A significant amount of motion graphics sequences were created for the various screens and projections within the film, all designed and created by Steve Gilbert and Dean Harris before principal photography. This enabled us to run the sequences live on set on the days of filming.
These sequences were created with a nod to Mark Coleran’s movie work, completed in Illustrator and then animated in After Effects. As multiple language versions were required the designs were suitably produced to be easily reformatted in post production.

The film was edited and graded in Final Cut by Dean Harris with post production effects in After Effects. The music featured an original composition from composer Dan Watts with voice effects, foley and mixing completed by award winning composer Tim Wright.

The project was produced by Claire Davies who adopts a hands on approach to ensure a smooth project progression

Film Credits

Harvey David Shackleton
Benton Jeremy Drakes
The Operative Mika Hockman
Dewar Bruce Lawrence
Security Guard Andy McKay

Receptionist 1 Claire Bailey
Receptionist 2 Claire Davies

Office Worker 1 Terry Hughes
Office Worker 2 Danielle Wing
Office Worker 3 Mark Evans

Operatives Voice Emma Lacey

DOP/ Cameraman Paul O’Callaghan

Sound Grant Bridgeman

Operative Stunts - Stand In Steve Gilbert
Claire Davies

Storyboards Teagan Richardson

Motion Graphics Steve Gilbert
Dean Harris

Editor Dean Harris

Music Dan Watts

Audio Mixing Tim Wright at Tantramedia

Created and Written by Steve Gilbert

Screenplay Cosmo Wallace
Steve Gilbert

Special Thanks to

Dominique Woods
Centre Manager for
Nottingham Science Park

Claire Davies

Cosmo Wallace

A Chemistry Production for


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