Hong Kong Hyperlapse 2013

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Hyperlapse is a new technique in timelapse. It's a manual forward movement with a fixed focal point. Right now there is no Chinese name for it so I made one up. Each shot takes between 2 to 3 hours this is not including the set up time. I have to scout the location first and find the focal point and make sure I use that as reference to be able to get the movement correctly. I then mark the floor in a way that I can correctly position myself and move forward step by step. Thankfully Hong Kong has a lot of natural lines and tiles I can place my mark making it easier to follow the path. Finally there is some touch up in after effect to further stabilize the and enhance the video. Thanks for watching, so please like and share my video and if you have any questions do ask.

Photographed and Edit by Patrick Cheung@PowerUpMotion
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/PowerUpTimelapsePatrick
Music: Tweaker@PupleFogSound@AudioJungle

Camera: Canon Mark 2
Lens: Canon 17-35mm F2.8
Tripod: Manfrotto, Feisol
Radian Motion Control, Kessler Ball Head

Channel: Environment Channel

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