NOVALAPSE - Timelapse Showreel 2011 #1

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This is our Brandnew Timelapse Showreel which shows you a mix of shots we made in a special way shooting big timelapse moves. A selection of shots we did over the last two months back here in Dresden Germany. On the first editing phase we played a little bit with different musics and styles. we´re noticed realy quick that synthetic produced music didn´t gave us the feel and look on these pictures we wanted to have. So we had a look on the audionetwork for some orchestrated music played by a real orchestra.

After a while of searching we chose again a track from Terry Devine-King because it´s a realy great composer. He recorded the track at the Abbey Road Studios UK with the Royal Phillharminc Orchestra. We used the song "Orion". This Filmmusic like Track sounds very powerfull and has an epic beginning so we could made a litte title sequence for the intro instead of simply blending the logo in an out. Anyway, we think it´s the perfect music for this showreel.

we plan to shoot a second reel as a nighttime reel with the same technique but a different city.

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