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Atomium was built in Brussels in 1958 for the Brussels World's Fair. It was designed by engineer André Waterkeyn and shaped in the form of a unit cell of an iron crystal, only enlarged 165 billion times!

All images of Atomium are copyright Atomium, but I was extremely fortunate to be allowed full access, after hours to create this project, purely for the love of photography, time-lapse and architecture and design.

I want to thank everyone at Atomium for making me feel welcome and granting me access. I am eternally grateful!

I shot this time-lapse over 5 nights and 2 days in my spare time whilst on a working trip to Brussels. In all I shot 27 sequences on my Canon 5Dii in CR2 (small) for speed of processing. I didn't need to be creating anything above 1920x1080 for this project.

I was also extremely fortunate and thrilled to work again with my good friend Athar Saeed, who has once again crafted a fantastic soundtrack! THANK YOU Athar!

Kit used:

Canon 5D mkii
Canon 24mm 1.2 prime
Canon 17mm TS-E

A few people have asked, and I wanted to re-iterate that the Atomium team was kind enough to grant me full written permission to shoot. Atomium is copyrighted.

Channel: Environment Channel

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