We all know that a timelapse should have certain moving elements in a still background. Too less moving elements, it will be dull; Too much moving elements making it hard to follow. Walking-tripod-hyperlapse is a wonderful thing to reveal the stills by neutralizing two moving factors(sliding and panning back).

Another similar way to shoot hyperlapse is to walk in circles and shooting towards the center so that the main objects stays relatively stable against flying background. I have shown one of the way to do that in idea one.

Here is another idea: walking in toward you main object while zooming out.
In this way, we first choose a main subject and start shooting at far end with zoom lens set to the longest focus length. While walking toward the main subject, zoom out to compensate the changes.

This is again not a new technique, guys from T-RECS did this at least once in their recent reel(USA Trip 2012 at 2:00) but they didn't tell us how.

Lens: Nikon 18-200mm
Camera: Nikon D800E
Dolly slider: Semi-DIY 2.15m, moved manually
Tripod: Gitzo G1327 and Manfrotto 055SCH
Magic arm: Manfrotto
Post: stabled in AE for position/scale

Channel: Environment Channel

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