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Presenting another time-lapse video composed exclusively from still-photographs, shot during a summer spent in my hometown Bardu.

Bardu is a municipality of around 4000 inhabitants situated in Troms County in the northernmost part of Norway. The name Bardu is derived from Sámi "Beardu", which aptly is believed to hold the meaning “long, steep mountain side toward a valley”. Encompassing a total area of 2700 square kilometers, the municipality is renowned for its wide-stretching forests, majestic mountains and rich wildlife - which symbolized by the wolverine adorning its coat of arms.

Acknowledging that a 5-minute video is incapable of capturing all the spectacular sides of Bardu, this was never the intention of this project. Rather, the video should be regarded an appetizer, taking you on an fast and epic journey through some of Bardu’s landscapes and sceneries, thereby providing a hint of what the place has to offer.

Soundtrack by composer Mark Petrie, “Globus”. Licensed through Audiosocket.

For technicalities and workflow-related matters, consult the video-description and comments on my previous project, Oslo in Motion.

Thanks to those supporting my effort and especially to André Langnes for the company on long runs - crisscrossing back and forth through and over the valleys and mountains of our treasured backyard.

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