A momentary lapse of New York - HD

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7 days..
15.000 exposures..
Countless hours of editing..
A city that never sleeps..
and an ameteur photographer hooked on timelapse..

Of course the result had to be a timelapse/hyperlapse video from my trip to New York :)

All hyperlapses in this video was shot handheld and manually counting between every exposure. Later stabilized in editing.
The hyperlapse of Brooklyn Bridge was the most challenging of them as i went like 2 steps forward, count to 3, shoot, 2 steps forward, count to 3, shoot for around 200 exposures. I was perhaps not the most popular guy on the bridge that day as I tried my best to stay on the line to avoid wiggeling in the hyperlapse. Especially the bikers disliked my activities on the narrow bridge leaving them in a more than tight spot in some situations.

For the panning scenes I used Panolapse ( http://www.panolapse360.com ) An amazing tool to create panos and zooming in footage. It creates a much more realistic image for panning moves than for instance animated pans using crop in Premiere as it simulates rotational panning with perspectiv correction in a brilliant way. I am thorougly impressed with its performance. I have still to get to know the many other features besides panning/zooming so this is certainly a tool I will enjoy to check out more on my next projects.
Check it out at their website. They have a 20% off on licenses just now also.

On my week long journey through New York I met tons of nice and interesting people. Thank you all for contributing to making my trip a huge success and a memory for life. I enjoyed every conversation I had while waiting for my camera sequence to end :)

Music by the ever so awesome Blackmill

Equipment used:
Canon EOS 5d mk II
EF 17-40 F/4 L
EF 24-105 F/4 L IS
Induro AT313 Tripod

Edited using:
Adobe Lightroom
Panolapse ( http://www.panolapse360.com )
Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Channel: Environment Channel

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