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Curved rails often achieve remarkable results but rare to find. For large area or long distance objects, dolly sliders are just not feasible. Many use moving tripod/monopod method but troublesome and time-consuming.
However, I found a way to partially solve these problems in shoot hyperlapse: Tripod on wheels with modification.
The wheel stand I bought has three all-direction wheels and thus often behave arbitrarily when pushed. I put a shaft on two of them and control the 3rd as the steering wheel by tape binding.
In this way, the tripod can be moved in circles when pushed. It's important to keep the speed constant, I'm considering adding a motor.
It does not matter whether the track is perfect circle or perfect straight line as long as your moves are smooth. Therefore, this system is very nice for outdoor hyperlapse on flat surfaces. In slightly rough places, I can use shoot-move-stop-shoot method and take aims or adjust level before shooting.

Shot with Sigma 12-24@17mm on Nikon D800E with internal timer set to 1 second interval.

No auto stable software of any kind are used such as Warp in AE or auto stable for position/rotation/scale.

The setup can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zlymex/7475814364
Although I mounted a Wimberley head and a DIY auto level, but I didn't use them.

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