This Time-Lapse Clip shows the huge smoke cloud of a burning
polysterene depot in Ludwigshafen Germany .

The fire erupted on saturday, the 22nd of june at about 1:00 pm.
The cloud could easily be seen 30 kilometers away.
The air smelled like burned rubber all around the area.
Hope one can imagine the size of this horrible thing.
Each Kilogramm of the pure granules can potentially produce 1000 m³ of dense smoke.
That´s a cube of 10 meters lenght height and width.
Now imagine this cube , and then multiply it with 4.800.000.
Yea, that was the charge of the depot. FOUR POINT EIGHT KILO-TONS of the styrofoam.
In my Opinion, this is a mid-level ecological disaster for the whole region of the Rhein-Neckar-Delta.

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Nikon D7000
Lense 18-105mm
AE Warp Stabilizer
LR Timelapse -

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Although the AE Warp Stabilizer did a lot of work , I had to redo some part-sequences completely manually by using the AE Motion Tracker. If one wants to use the warp solely, make sure, nothing comes between your object and your camera..(trees, lanterns, etc.) This increases the chance, that it works out completely automatically.


Dear followers and friends...The promised hyperlapse - tutorial is still in progress. The preparation alone took me a lot of time, as it is something competely different to teach something to people, than to just do it.

So please have some more patience, It will be very nice ;)

Shahab Gabriel Behzumi

Channel: Environment Channel

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