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Filmed over two months- 'Como un sueño' is an architectural study by me (aspiring architect Vat Jaiswal) that investigates the work of renowned Spanish/Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava's in Valencia, Spain. It attempts to show through film, timelapse and hyperlapse photography the following characteristics of architecture:

-The beauty and harmony of structural rhythm
-Differences in scale of architecture in relation to the human body
-Penetration of light to play with transparency, translucency and opacity
-Continuation of the design intent from the form of the building down to the details such as benches, trash cans, lamps etc.
-Creation of architectural spaces only with the suggestion of enclosure by structural steel
-Accentuated "rising" of architecture from the ground
-Elegance of symmetry
-Transformation of a building over day and night
-Reflection of architecture in water which sometimes "complete" them at night time
-Importance of strategically placed artificial lights
-The dance of light and shadow over time
-Serenity in architecture
-Use of local materials (such as typical white spanish fractured tiles in this case)
-How sculptures and follies become a part of architectural
-Different types of materials and markings on the ground
-Water which 1) reflects at night but 2) shows materials beyond through transparency during the daytime
-Selective use of color to highlight materiality
-Emptiness around the buildings that draw your attention by eliminating distractions
-Platforms, terraces and stairs that connect the inside to the outside
-The power of color white which draws your eyes to the form by muting other distractions
-How natural materials of the landscape architecture contrasts man made materials
-Revelation of interior spaces at night time with artificial lighting
-Power of size in architecture
-Longevity and stability of architecture with the passing of time, moving clouds, sun, trees, people etc.
-Ripple effect of water reflected on the buildings-The counter-intuitiveness of sloped walls
-Arrival and departure of people into space
-Appreciation of beauty and form in architecture
-Creation of tension in form with "almost" touching elements
-How people use the buildings; kids, couples, families, photographers, tourists etc.
-Repetition of shapes and forms in architecture
-Connections and joints in structural steel
-Required maintenance and manpower to keep the architecture functioning
-Cars, bikes, roads, pathways and ramps that act as arteries to bring people in and out of buildings
-Advertisement and writings on buildings
-How patterning on surfaces add personality to architecture
-How structure and architecture become one. Note- this is different from exposed structural elements
-Dazzle of unimaginable structural engineering
-Motion frozen in time
-Power of curved elements in contrast to rectilinear ones
-Last but not the least, a comparison of music to architecture

Filmed at Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias or The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain. Name of the buildings- Palau de les Arts, Hemisfèric, Science Museum, Umbracle & Agora.

Music: 'Peace Piano Edit' by Sonic Adventure Project and 'Shine Instrumental' by Cary Kanno. Courtesy of

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