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Not quite Hyperlapse - this is a HyperRelapse. This video was conceived and shot for the band Human Pyramids and is made up of over 5,000 hi-res stills posed individually to synch up with various parts of the song...

It's a bit like a post-punk orchestral version of Where's Wally! See description to play 'spot the cool stuff...'

Even big sexy Vimeo encoding can't really handle the speed 5000 stills so feel free to download the original high bitrate mp4 to melt your eyeballs with here:

If anyone wants to go all out and see the full on Pro Res HQ version then just email me john [at]

Otherwise watch in HD / or over a good connection on a hi-res mobile device!

For annotated version with all sections labelled visit:
01. The whole band play at being hyper-choir
02. An inexplicable golf buggy
03. Paul counts us in
04. Al hits out the beat on air drums
05. Various band members sing the "Uh-ohs"
06. Paul moves the Charango with the chord progression
07. The girls rotate singing duties to the guitar chord progression
08. A brief rainstorm
09. Caroline takes over the beat either side of Paul
10. The band teleports through a bush and a brick wall
11. Paul shakes his head to the guitar base line
12. A final strum on the Charango in the woods
13. Sugar cubes pile up over a guitar trill
14. Knocking the beat out on the spoons
15. Smarties get in on the pizzicato string action.
16. Paul moves the Charango to the altered string melody
17. Paul cleans the table with his powerful fists
18. A Danish hero sings the highest of the high notes!
19. Paul shakes his head along to the Choir
20. A brief cameo for the video director and his t-shirt
21. Caroline plays ball pit submarine to the Choir
22. Paul plucks the mandolin section
23. The camera operator pulls Paul back into shape
24. The band clap out the beats
25. A quick jaunt on the beach
26. A cheeky high-five
27. Little Paul passes through a secret woodland den


Listen to Human Pyramids -

Directed and edited by John Lynch / assisted by Ian Martin -

With thanks to Terminal Studios for the hanger space!

Channel: Environment Channel

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