I believe Ocean Park is one of the best place that brings happiness to Hong Kong and to the world. Speaking of Ocean park, my last visit to the park was 7 years ago in 2007, and this year visit surprises me a lot. The entrance is totally different from what I remembered, the massive three storey aquarium migrated, shark mystic is closed (will re-open in July this year), thrill mountain's new facilities are awesomely cool. It is also exciting to hear Ocean Park is gearing up for a new indoor water playground that schedules to open in 2017, which is kind of like the wet'n'wild playground in Gold Goast Australia with surfing simulator, high-speed slide and wave pools; MTR metro system is extending its service that connects right at the entrance of Ocean Park and a new resort hotel is going to unveil in 2017. I think my visit to Ocean Park will be in 2017 to see what the park is going to look like.

It is my first attempt on using Panasonic G6 to shoot some Hyperlapses and 1080p slow motion. It is a great challenge to shoot a Hyperlapse video in a crowded space. Interestingly, many visitors thought I was one of the Ocean Park's photographers, and ask me can I take a picture for them. Sometimes these kind of questions can be very bothering when I am moving my tripod in every 10-13 seconds. I used electronic shutter all the way through to shoot all the raw image. The limitation is it cannot achieve those "rolling shutter effect" and shutter can not open longer than 1 second, which is not very good for shooting timelapse. I found using G6 to shoot videos are so efficient. I only used a pana 14mm 2.5 and a Konica 40mm 1.8 to capture all the scene, thanks to the built-in crop-mode (EX TELE CONV) feature, so I don't need to bring extra lens for 28mm or 80mm focal length or a zoom lens, making my luggage more portable.


Song credit: Kye Kye - Her (Instrumental)

Channel: Environment Channel

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