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People are always thinking, but it might not seem like it based on some of the things they say and do. Using faulty reasoning to explain their actions or assuming the wrong causes for occurrences can create confusion and a lack of successful interaction in any situation. Critical thinking is something you use every day, whether you acknowledge it or not. But recognizing when you use it and honing your critical thinking skills is a significant advantage in today's world.

In order to think critically we need to be aware of things we read, see, and hear before deciding what to believe or do. In analyzing sources and arguments you will be able identify fallacies and biases, not only those of others, but yours as well, and apply your own logic more clearly. In this course you will use concrete examples from your own experiences and current events to develop these abilities. With strong critical thinking skills, you'll be able to analyze arguments, identify faulty logic, and explain your views persuasively.

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