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notavliberi.noblogs.org lombardia.indymedia.org Your warmth and solidarity heat up these cold walls. I never felt alone, knowing that our struggle was not in vain gives me the strength I need in times like these. What does not destroy us makes us stronger. This police operation was not randomly done, it was designed to attack us on two fronts. They try to criminalize the No TAV struggle, to scare anyone who dares to defend his territory, his life and his present. Because they know that revolution is contagious. Between Cairo, Tunis, Athens, London, Rome, the partisans of yesterday, the revolutionaries of today, and Susa Valley, there is so much in common: refusing mere indignation and collectively taking a stand. We have eaten, lived and fought alongside the beautiful people from the Susa Valley. All together, day by day, inch by inch, the affective ties have grown solid and indestructible. This is the point on which they attack us again, like here in Milan with the "photocopies gang", with the anarchists of "Fuoriluogo" in Bologna, with the student movement in Florence, with the antifascists in Cuneo. In Susa Valley a community in struggle is born. That community has built the most radical critique of the capitalist system in recent years in Italy and beyond. The TAV is more than a huge infrastructure, unnecessary and harmful. In Susa Valley the fate of democracy is at stake. They just won't let the will of an entire population overcome the dirty business of that bunch ...


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