Chiomonte (Turin, Piemont) - July 4, 2011 police violence during the demonstration Sunday, July 3 in Val di Susa "."The Police threw tear gas in a row 50 of 600 people. It seems a little 'difficult to make Passive resistance in these conditions." So the No TAV demonstrators described the clashes with the police to Madeleine Chiomonte. From the first hours of the morning the police trying to break through the defense, among the shouts of protesters. "Shame", "Hands off Val Susa," they shout. Insults, shoving, wounded on both sides. Someone runs off with a curtain of the garrison which caught fire because it struck by a tear. "There is an order of the prefect who seizes the way - said a militant No Tav - but this area has been leased by the mountain community and does not interfere with the work site." Yet the police militarization. "An operation unfortunate that violates all the rules," said another protester. "I am not yet expired terms of expropriation of the area - said - this action is illegal: ask a sequestration site" by Lorenzo and Cosimo Caridi Galeazzi


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