This was a documentary we (my partners and I) made for History Day, regarding Benito Mussolini. This competed at LA's History Day on March 24th, 2007. It got to finals. I was not there at the competition, but I did edit it. EDIT 2: I've opened up this to ratings as of 1/3/2009 as I geniunely want to see what everyone thinks. When you rate, please put aside your biases and think about the QUALITY of the documentary. Uploaded for friends and to show people. EDIT: As of 6/30/2008, I've decided to allow comments on a "Constructive criticism/non-racist" basis. If you had a comment that you wanted to post, try it again. I will not accept any "Love live Mussolini" comments. It's an educational documentary, not WWII again.


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