Archaeologists have recently discovered what may be the world's largest pyramid by volume under the canopy of the rain forest and buried under dense vegetation. What is more enlightening and significant of the people and culture is what is revealed inside. Inside this Mayan temple are writings depicting the creation story known as the Popul Vuh engraved in a Mayan temple in El Mirador, Guatamala. It was previously thought that the Popul Vuh was influenced by Catholic church after Columbus historical discovery of America. However, these markings appear to pre-date Columbus by more than 1000 years. So how did the creation story and other influences find their way into Mayan culture if it this was originally built in 300BC? What I found interesting is that this single Mayan city is larger in size than modern-day downtown Los Angeles. This new discovery of information correlates with the stories and historical record included in the writings of the Book of Mormon. For one thing in the Book of Mormon the connection to Jerusalem and what is now known as the Old Testament records including the books of Genesis, Exodus and so on were kept on 'plates of brass' and passed from generation to generation and which were considered sacred. Writings on the walls of most temples it is safe to say typically are sacred and considered worth featuring upon such a monumental undertaking as the greatest pyramid by volume known to exist anywhere in the world. This is an example of an extremely ...


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