Aztecs: Inside the hidden empire 1/5

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Ancient Voices - Aztecs: Inside the hidden empire Part 1 Brutal, Sophisticated, Misunderstood, Beneath the sprawl of modern-day Mexico City lie the once-glorious remains of the Aztec Capital of Tenochtitlan. From this teeming 15th-century hub, the Aztecs ruled a realm of fabulous architecture, advanced science and intricate artwork. But they are best known for their reliance on human sacrifice and violent conquest to control their world. Why, then, did a civilization capable of such beauty and accomplishment harbor such violence at its very heart? Join leading researchers on a journey from the magnificent past of North America's greatest empire to its poignant remnants today. Visit the ghostly ruins of Teotihuacan where the Aztec myth was born and through virtual-reality, see the long-vanished Tenochtitlan rise again in all its ceremonial splendor. Then, witness the arrival of the Spanish and the grisly excesses on both sides that ultimately led to the Aztecs' downfall. Aztecs: Inside the Hidden Empire reveals all the complex and surprising sides of this world of "blood and flowers." Now, renowned experts and breakthrough techniques reveal history's most sought-after the echo of ANCIENT VOICES. See lost worlds brought to life again through state-of-the-art virtual reality reconstructions, stunning location filming and evocative reenactments. And get closer than ever before to the extraordniary human minds behind the myths, mysteries and monuments.


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