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NIAC petition letter to Secretary of Defense: This video was made for the purpose of protesting against all those who support the anglo-arabic outrageous fabrication of the history of a 7000 years-old nation and the world! That includes BBC (whom by referring to the Persian Gulf as "The Gulf" couldn't ridicule itself more) and the National Geographic Society (whom by Subtitling the Persian Gulf with "arabian gulf" in their atlas, clearly shows how they've been bought out by saudi dollars!). And of course to expose the whole filthy agenda of the arab community to change the history of a nation and the world for that matter! This is a complement to my other video: "Persian Gulf Naming Dispute - An Anglo-arabic Conspiracy" PLEASE SIGN THE FOLLOWING PETITIONS: PERSIAN GULF INFORMATION: OFFICIAL UN DOCUMENTS: Courtesy of: http PERSIAN GULF FOREVER! Javid IRA N.


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