Assyrian DNA - Exposing Kurdish Myths

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Anti-Assyrian liars mostly Kurdish and Arab Muslims have done fake video propaganda full of lies that Assyrians are not Semitic and that we are supposedly Nostrian. This lie has been made by Arabs & Kurds to try and ignore the fact they do not originate in Iraq and that they descend from invaders from Persia and Saudi Arabia who came to our lands to steal it, outnumber & persecute our Indigenous people. They are also jealous that Assyrians have such a rich, famous history full of civilizations, while Kurds & Arabs descend from some barbaric nomads who stole our land. Modern DNA have proven them wrong and has proven that indeed most Assyrians have DNA linked to modern Mesopotamia, as this Doctor told Nineveh Dinha from the DNA test she did, he proved most of her ancestry is Native from Mesopotamia, since most Assyrians originate in Assyria (Iraq). We are the Native Indigenous Ethno-Religious group of Iraq, not the invading Arabs from Saudi Arabia and not the invading Kurds from South Turkey & West Iran. MORE ASSYRIAN DNA PROOF FROM DNA SCIENTISTS:


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