To ORDER BOOK or E-BOOK editions, or read more: go to In my latest book (print or e-book) "Atomic Cover-Up: Two US Soldiers, Hiroshima & Nagasaki, and The Greatest Movie Never Made," I probe a turning point in US history: the suppression of film footage, for decades, shot by a US Army unit in the atomic cities -- a wrong turn with staggering consequences even today. This is a detective story, a profile of two remarkable military officers, and one of the last little-told stories of World War II. The cover-up even extended to MGM and Hollywood--and to President Truman. And there was no WikiLeaks to get the film aired. Print book at $13. Or E-book version just $3.99 (for Kindle, all phones, iPads, Blackberry, PCs) at Amazon here: You do NOT need a KIndle. My email: As co-author of the classic "Hiroshima in America" and eleven other books, I've written about elements of this story for leading newspapers and magazines, but now I tell the full saga here, based on new research -- from the Truman Library to Nagasaki. Praise for my "Hiroshima in America" book: "A great book" -- Los Angeles Times. "Compelling reading." -- The New York Times. "Excellent." -- The Washington Post. All front page reviews. The new book opens this way: "This is the story of twenty hours of film footage, blazing with color, shot in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in early 1946 by a US military crew, that would change the lives of many people, including two American soldiers, and ...


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