(Part 1) Edited and enhanced excerpts of a lecture in physics by Professor Richard A. Muller from UC Berkeley. The course title is 'Physics for Future Presidents', and this specific lecture is about nuclear weapons and reactors. This lecture will help you understand key topics such as Fission, Uranium enrichment, how an atom bomb works, what's a Plutonium bomb, related processes and even some of the politics behind nukes. Especially in light of recent news regarding countries such as Iran and North Korea. To see the full lecture click here: www.youtube.com Additional info: Political: Iran bars two UN inspectors in nuclear dispute: www.reuters.com Iran Has More Enriched Uranium Than Thought: www.nytimes.com The Pakistani Scientist who sold centrifuges technology - Abdul Qadeer Khan en.wikipedia.org The Iraqi (Saddam Hussein era) Bomb Maker Khidir Hamza en.wikipedia.org Iran planning more nuclear sites in defiance of United Nations dailycaller.com Scientific: Uranium 238 en.wikipedia.org Uranium 235 en.wikipedia.org Half life en.wikipedia.org Radioactive decay en.wikipedia.org Isotopes en.wikipedia.org Plutonium 239 en.wikipedia.org Glenn T. Seaborg en.wikipedia.org Critical mass en.wikipedia.org Nuclear chain reaction en.wikipedia.org Implosion mechanism en.wikipedia.org Ernest Lawrence en.wikipedia.org Calutron en.wikipedia.org Gaseous diffusion en.wikipedia.org Gas centrifuge en.wikipedia.org Laser enrichment en.wikipedia.org


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